2018 Stages

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Transandes 2019 stages information will be available by August 2018.


123January, 17-18-19 Huilo Huilo – Huilo Huilo

The Huilo Huilo Reserve, located in the Region of the Rivers, will be the stage where the first 3 stages will be developed. Reserva Huilo Huilo is a private reserve of more than 100,000 hectares, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. A wonderful place, where you can find the best trails for the practice of the Mountainbike and where the majesty of Native Forests, Snowy Mountains, Lakes and rivers of crystal clear water make it the ideal place for a competition like the Transandes Challenge.

Detail and programming of the Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3


4January, 20 Huilo Huilo – Pucón

The fourth stage, to be held on January 20, will be a special stage, will be 112 kilometers of route, which will allow to connect the Reserve Huilo Huilo with Pucón … During the journey will be transited by places of extraordinary beauty, will ascend to the National Park Villarrica for old forest paths, we will appreciate the spectacular forests of Pino Araucaria, and to finish, we will arrive to Pucón not without first circulating by the faldeos of the always imposing Villarrica Volcano. This will be the “Epic Stage”, will be a stage of lower technical demand, so the average speed will be higher than the other stages.

Detail and programming of the Stage 4


5January, 21 Pucón – Pucón

In Pucón will be held the fifth and final stage, stage whose format we will keep secret …


Pucon, meanwhile, is the main tourist destination of South Chile, National Capital of Sport Adventure. With a wide range of gastronomic, hotel and infinity of activities, make it the ideal destination to finalize this edition of Transandes Challenge.

Detail and programming of the Stage 5


After each of the stages the participants arrive at specially equipped camps. In these camps you will find a dining room, mechanical assistance, medical assistance, fully equipped bathrooms and tents for overnight stays. All the needs that the competitor requires will be found in the camps, where a great atmosphere of camaraderie among the participants is also generated.

16195974_1158631507591263_6236274582978023394_nIn Transandes Challenge 2018 there will be 14 categories divided into both Doubles and Individual categories:

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