Oxford bicycles, the neutral mechanical assistance of Transandes Challenge !!

Oxford bicycles, the neutral mechanical assistance of Transandes Challenge !!

Oxford, the traditional chilean bicycle brand will provide the neutral mechanical assistance  required by the 2020 Transandes Challenge competitors, the best service so you can always have your bike in perfect conditions.

The Transandes Challenge is not just a demanding test for your body and mind, the bicycles also suffer, and a lot … that’s why Transandes Challenge brings a neutral technical service for the competitors of the Full Support Pack. Oxford Bicycles wil be in charge of this service, which with a complete professional team and the best tools will be available to solve your requirements. Adjustments, lubrication, repair, parts replacements… whatever is necessary to have your bike  ready to face each of the stages of competition.

Oxford Bicycles has evolved along with the market, today it offers bicycles of all ranges, whether recreational or competitive, and more recently it has introduced a full range of electric bicycles or E-bikes. It will be these E-bikes that Oxford will provide to the organization, the staff in charge of circuits can carry out the marking of the stages and also can control the competition by moving easily through the intricate paths of Transandes Challenge 2020 without damaging the environment.

We thank Oxford Bicycles and welcome to the Transandes Challenge !!!




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