Day 5

Day 52020-01-06T13:16:31+00:00

Melipeuco – Pucón

January 18



The 5th Stage of the TAC 2020, will be the stage that will take us from the town of Melipeuco to Pucón. A crossing stage with 2 important ports.

The first port will be the crossing from the Melipeuco Valley to the Caburga Lake Valley. With a wide climbing road that will becoming narrow and deteriorated until it becomes a path through which the highest point of this first port is reached at Km 30. The descents to Caburga are technical with a lot of trails until reaching the road that goes from Lake Caburga to Lake Colico. This last section will be a fast section, which will go from km 40 to 53, before facing the second climb.

The second pass will takes us from Lake Colico to the south shore of Lake Caburga.

It begins with a though climb through a technical path, which will go around the first section of hills to move towards the “Biological Corridor”, the ascent begins at kilometer 53 and ends at km 65. Then it faces the descent to Lake Caburga. Very technical descent, in which caution should be taken until reaching the end of the trail at km 70.

From km 70 to the finish line it is a very fast and easy-ride interior road, which will reach the long-awaited finish line of Pucón at km 86. From km 86 to km 90 it will be a transitional ride.

A demanding stage that has all the technical and physical aspects that are the tonic of the 2020 Transandes Challenge.

6:30 – 7:20 am First breakfast shift
7:30 – 8:30 am Second breakfast shift
9:00 Stage 5 start
14:00 Lunch
18:30 Awards Ceremony
19:o0 pm Barbecue and final party