Day 2

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Corralco – Corralco

January 15

Around the Lonquimay Volcano


The stage around the Lonquimay Volcano With 70 km of competition and 26 km of Transition will be the second Stage of the Transandes Challenge 2020… !!!

The race will begin controlled from the Corralco Ski Center, starting down to the Village of Malalcahuello. After 26 km of pavement, the Competition will begin.

After the start you Will face a wide gravel road with a gentle climb until you reach the entrance to the Malalcahuello – Nalcas National Reserve at km 37, starting here a technical jeep road, with an important slope to reach the Laguna Blanca area.

From there begins a less technical path with 2 climbs that will lead to the portezuelo located between 2 impressive volcanoes, Lonquimay volcano to the south and the Tolhuaca Volcano to the North. Here you will find the second feed station at the kilometer 49. With a “lunar” landscape you will feel on another planet.

Then an amazing trail begins at km 49 to km 72. In the middle of an impressive Araucarias Forest with a view of the unique volcanic lava rivers worldwide. The trail is technical and very demanding with constant descent, but where you have to pedal, with constant steepness up to km 72, where you will find the 2nd Supply Zone.

Now begins a technical jeep road of gentle climb at first until km 80 and then go increasing each time its slope between km 83 to km 88, here you will reach the portezuelo and viewpoint. Then comes a “false plan” until km 91 where the great descent begins, without technique, very fast, to reach finish line in the same Ski Center of Corralco at km 96.

6:30 – 7:20 am First breakfast shift
7:30 – 8:30 am Second breakfast shift
9:00 Stage 2 start
14:00 Lunch
18:30 Stage award ceremony and technical meeting
19:00 – 20:00 pm First Dinner shift
20:10 – 21:30 pm Second Dinner shift