Tips for your Trip 2018

Tips for your Trip 2018

We are bringing some information that can be useful for planning your trip to Chile.

Flight Tickets:
– Obviously if you buy your flight tickets in advance, it will be cheaper.
– Try to arrive at least 2 days prior to the start, so if something unexpected happens, you’ll have time to fix it.
– You’ll have a weight limit of baggage accepted on your flight (may vary by airline). If you exceed that weight you must pay a fine. Bring only the essentials.
– You must arrive to Temuco’s airport. All the international flights arrive to Santiago’s airport where you’ll do all the customs. There you’ll able to take one of the several daily flights to Temuco.
– Between January 14th and the 16th our Transfers will working from Temuco’s Airport to the Huilo Huilo Reserve, and on Jan 22nd for the return from Pucón to Temuco´s airport. Request your reservation informing of your flight schedule to (value not included in the inscription)

– To enter to Chile you only need your passport. Entering you must complete a form called “Tourist Card”, which is valid for 90 days, you must not lose this form because you will need it when you leave the country.

– Although Chile is a safe country, you should not neglect at any time your personal items. As in any other place you can be a victim of burglary or robbery.

Money Exchange:
– Chile’s official currency is the Peso. Our exchange rate fluctuates daily according to market conditions. However in recent years has remained around: US$ 1 = 640 Chilean pesos.
– Dollars or Euros are not usually accepted in markets. So we recommend have Chilean pesos. Credit cards are widely accepted in cities, but in small towns where Transandes Enduro pass is difficult to use it.
– Once in Temuco’s airport, you will not have access to any money exchange, therefore, seeks change money at Santiago’s airport before boarding to Temuco.
– Do not change money in not official places. You can withdraw money at ATMs.

– Although January is midsummer and pleasant temperatures prevail, we could have cold days. The climate of the region where it develops Transandes Challenge is unpredictable; we could have sunny and warm days followed by rain and cold. The nights are cold, so come prepared for all conditions.


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