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Tips to get you ready for the 2020 Transandes Challenge!

Ride in a mountainbike stage race such as the Transandes Challenge requires a not minor preparation... there are many aspects that must be considered before participating in a competition of this type. To make life a little easier, we have prepared a series of tips to prepare you in the best way !!! Training Tips [...]

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Check-out who are the first riders registered at 2020 Transandes Challenge

More than 150 competitors have already confirmed their registration. Highlights the large presence of Latin American Riders When still left 5 month for the beginning of the Transandes Challenge, more than 150 competitors have already confirmed their presence at the competition. There are 15 countries that already have at least one representative in the next [...]

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Use our Check List to not forget anything before coming to the 2018 Transandes Challenge

So you do not left anything at home, check our checklist to sort and pack everything you need for the 2018 Transandes Challenge. The helmet, the bike, clothes, spare parts, cell phone charger, toothbrush, everything you have to carry to compete and to be in the Transandes Challenge camp. Check point by point our [...]

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The Race Office. The Transandes Challenge Logistical Center

To do the accreditations, to inform you, to help you, to charge your electronic devices, for all of this and much more, the Race Office will be there! The Race Office is, to put it in some way, the logistical center of the Transandes Challenge. At your arrival to the race camp, we will [...]

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The volcanoes

You will be able to see up to 6 volcanoes during the 2018 Transandes Challenge, which are they? Where are they? What features does it have? Here all the information ... Chile has the second largest and most active volcanic range on Earth. There are 500 registered volcanoes. Therefore, if the weather allows it, [...]

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The 2018 Transandes Challenge Title Contenders.

With the antecedents that we handle, we can anticipate some names of those who look for the champion trophy of Transandes Challenge Tenth Edition. But we can have surprises, actually we always have surprises. The final result depends on many factors, especially in these stages competitions. There will be some riders that will surprise [...]

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Registration is opening for 20 extra spots at the 2018 Transandes Challenge!

Dear riders, On Monday, December 18 at 9:30 a.m. Chile time, registration will open for an extra 20 spots at the 2018 Transandes Challenge. We know that many of you want to join us to celebrate 10 years of the Transandes Challenge, so we have arranged for an additional 20 spots to be added. [...]

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We wanted to share a few funny stories that we have collected over the last nine editions of the Transandes Challenge. 1. “The best day of our lives!” 2010 Transandes Challenge, Stage 5 In the middle of the Huilo Huilo Reserve, a Dutch duo somehow ended up following the course markings for Stage 6 [...]

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