TAC 6+: A Complete Experience.
With the Transandes extended package, stay an extra week and see the sights of Pucón.   ....more
Transandes’ Friends at Breckepic 2014.
Many Chileans travelled to Colorado State to ride the Breckepic 2014, after 4 stages they are having very good results....more
The Transandes Challenge and environmental awareness.
The Transandes takes place in native forests and national parks, which are largely untouched by humans and nearly pollution-free...more
6 days of race, Price US 1450

Early birds entries
May 12 19th USD 1160

Early birds entries
May 20-31th / USD 1235.

normal rate
June 1st - December 31th
USD 1450

...more videos
Final Results by Category TAC 2014
Final Results TAC 2014